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Ten Content Writing Tips You Should Follow

content writing

1. Keep to one subject at a time.

star99Many people make the mistake of trying to cover too many ideas in one article. Choose a topic and stick to covering it in depth. You need to stay focused on the subject in matter and save other content ideas for other articles. Instead link to the other articles you write to give readers more information on relating topics.

2. Find your own voice.

find your own voiceIt’s important to be yourself and represent your personality or brand. Don’t be tempted to copy someone else. You can look to your competitors for inspiration but don’t become a copy cat!

3. Edit, then edit again.

edit your contentThe first draft is exactly that, it’s just the base of your article. Don’t be afraid to amend and rewrite till you are totally happy. Use the first draft to build a quality article full of interesting, informative and unique content that has been prepared to the best of your ability.

4. Research.

research  Once you have decided on your topic do your research; look for a different angel for your article, this will help make it stand out from other articles covering the same topic.

5. Use images.

images  Articles that have relevant images will help support your article and make it more interesting to your readers. Images can also help explain your content if you use diagrams or charts. Infographics are also very desirable and very shareable!

6. Have a beginning, middle and end.

notebookYour introduction should grab your reader’s attention, so the first few sentences are important. You need to keep your readers interested enough to read the whole article and keep coming back for more. Explain what your article is about and what value it has. Get them hooked by mentioning new data or research which you have uncovered.

The middle section should be the main body of the article; it should be laid out in a logical order allowing the content to flow from one section to the next.

Finally end with a conclusion this should not include any new facts or points but should wrap up the topic and it is also an opportunity to include a call to action. What would you like the reader to do now? Give you a call, hit the buy button. Make it easy for them to take the next step.

7. Include facts and figures to support your article.

dataProvide valuable data that will provide the reader with as much information as possible, this will strengthen your article and let your reader know you are an expert in your field.

8. Take your time.

clockNever rush an article, make sure what you are writing is useful and relevant. If it’s worth doing its worth doing properly.

9. Be unique.

be yourselfAs I mentioned before never copy someone’s style, be yourself. Write about what interests you. If you don’t want to read it, what makes you think someone else will!?

10. Produce different lengths of content.

ruler  Not every article needs to be 1500 words, sometimes a small fun piece can be just as useful as an in depth post. Mix it up and keep things interesting.
When putting the article together do not bulk everything into one long paragraph, your readers will stop paying attention if paragraphs are too long.

Bonus Tip Share.

Spread the word and share your content across your social media platforms to reach as many people as possible. Don’t be shy, you made the effort and took the time to write the articles, so take that extra step to make sure they are seen. They won’t share themselves!

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