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To Blog Or Not To Blog?


article-marketing-48 Are you maintaining your blog ?

I have been found guilty of writing only one single lonely blog this month, this one! This is not how to maintain a good blog, so from this bad example I am going to make a positive from it and highlight how we should maintain a good blog.

Be organized

Treat blogging as part of your every day work  not a task that you might do if you feel like it or if you get time. So first decide how many blogs you are going to be able to write in a week and stick to it. Ideally you want to be writing 4 – 5 articles a week.


At the beginning of the week decide on the topics you want to write about and think about the keywords you will be using in each post. Knowing what searches people are using to find your business / services will help you rank in Google. If you want to rank for ” Blogging Advice Daventry” and you never mention these keywords in your article then unfortunately your blog is not going to be found in the top pages of the search engines.

Google needs to understand what your article is about and to do this you must do the following:

  • Have a strong SEO title – Blogging Tips  From Website Chick  Daventry Northamptonshire
  • A good page URL –
  • An informative and attractive meta description – Top Ten Blogging Tips by Website Chick . Daventry SEO Company ready to help small local companies with website issues and social media.



Know your business and what your customers want

Knowing what your customers want and leading the way for the service you are in, is what is going to get you new business and repeat business. You need to stand out from other companies,who offer the same services as you.  Find out what it is your customers want and give them the information.

Use images with in your articless and also write in lists. People like to be able to scan read so by supplying the information in list form at the beginning of the blog and then in more detail later on in the blog people can collect the information they need quickly and if they want more information can read the rest of the article in more detail.

Link out to other articles you have written that may be of interest to the reader.


Share your blog on your social media accounts, like Facebook and Twitter this way more people will have access to your blog!

So that’s it for this lonely little blog. I will be making my plans for Mays blogs as soon as I have posted this one. If you need any help blogging then give me a call. I always make time to blog for my clients just not myself.

Happy Blogging Website Chick


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