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Building A Website


google-code-48 Building a website things to think about

I am basing this blog on my experience of building Website Chick in WordPress. I hope if you are in the process of setting up a website this blog will be useful.


If you are working with someone you don’t know I would highly recommend having either a contract or working agreement in place.

Time Scales

It’s a good idea to decide with your designer and developer when you would like the website to go live.


I prefer to send all my feed back and requests via email, this way you and the company you are working with has a paper trail of what was said and have a list to work from. However a good old telephone call also works I tend just to then send an email – reference our conversation, after a phone call so this too has been documented.

Domain name

First you need a domain name and I have written about this before so to save repeating my myself, read about domain names here.

Google Analytics

Set up  Web Master Tools, so you can add a tracking code into your website to monitor traffic and errors on your website. You can also monitor external and internal links, and submit your site maps. It’s free and easy to do, once you have the tracking codes you just need to send these to the developer and he will add this into the site for you.

Site maps

A site map is a plan of all the pages and menus of your website. You also need to add 3 other types of site maps these include a HTML, XML and Robots.txt, these are useful for the search engines to crawl your website getting all your important content properly indexed. When you have your site map then you will be able to use this information when adding your menus and pages.


This is my favourite part of putting a website together as it’s the most creative part. Through the design you can express your companies image. I worked with a great developer who also was able to complete my design.  You may find you will work with a graphic designer for your design and a developer to put the website together. I had already decided on my company colours so from there we just need to experiment with the lay out, which again I had some firm ideas already in mind. I also had my company logo decided, however Kevin did something very clever with my logo. My logo is a silhouette of a woman in black on a white background and so we could use it on my website Kevin reserved the image. Clever and I was very impressed! If you do not have a company logo your graphic designer will be able to work on this with you. You will then be able to use it on all your business stationary and merchandise.


This is the next area I tackled as I need to make sure I had a list of keywords I was going to use through out the website to help get my website ranking well, and I needed to have these ready before I started putting the pages and menus together.

Page Set up

So now we need to get started on putting our pages and menus together. From our site map we will know what menus and pages we need to add.

SEO the pages

Using WordPress SEO by Yoast, you are able to see a snippet preview of how your page will be displayed in the search engines listings. Then you can add your Focus keyword, this is the main keyword that this page is about. Next you have the SEO title this is a title read by the search engines and can be 70 characters long. Lastly you have the meta description which will be limited to 156. The great thing about Yoast SEO is it tells you how many characters you have left to use once you start filling in the information. There is also another area that will analysis the whole page and tells you what areas need improving if any.


This was a big big part of the process and it will always come down the the website owner to complete this part, unless they out source this task, but even then they will need to set time aside to amend and approve the content. No one knows your business better than you so I would always recommend doing this yourself and if you need some assistance with improving the content then look at out sourcing the job.


Another part I love doing is adding images I think every page on my website and blog has an appropriate image. I use Photo shop to optimise all my images before I add them to the website and blog. If your images are not optimised it will slow the website down and this is not good for the user or the search engines.

Social Media

Always remember to include these icons into your design, if you haven’t set up any accounts I would recommend you do.


Before the website goes live make sure you have checked how the website performs in all the browsers; Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and on tablets/mobiles.

I think that just about covers it. But if you think I missed something out then please let me know.

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