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How To Make A Killer Blog Post!


Step by Step guide to creating a great blog post If you wanted to make a cake as an example you would follow the recipe, this way you are more than likely to bake and have a yummy edible cake at the end. If you start throwing in ingredients that aren’t required you are going [...]

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The Five Types Of Guest Bloggers


Written by Jesse Aaron Jesse is the executive blogger at Mashbout. He’s also a homebrew scientist! A fun graphic on the different types of guest bloggers. I would like to think I am the Insightful blogger Courtesy of: Mashbout

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To Blog Or Not To Blog?


Are you maintaining your blog ? I have been found guilty of writing only one single lonely blog this month, this one! This is not how to maintain a good blog, so from this bad example I am going to make a positive from it and highlight how we should maintain a good blog. Be [...]

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Making The Time To Blog!


When did you last update your blog? I am as guilty as the next man when it comes to making time to work on my own blog, but we all need to address this problem and make sure we are keeping our websites and blogs up dated regularly. My excuse is I’m so busy working [...]

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