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What’s In A Logo?


What does your logo say about your company? If you are setting up a company or thinking of re branding then choose your logo and redesign carefully. It needs to be unique and represent your company in a positive way. It should be eye catching and memorable. Your logo is going to be around as [...]

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Valentine’s Day With A Romantic Interactive Doodle From Google


A present from Google Google has celebrated Valentine’s Day with a romantic interactive Doodle on its search page, but with a humorous twist. When web users land on the page, they will find the brand’s logo has been replaced with the red, jiggling figures of two people and a heart. Clicking play, the logo transforms [...]

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Networking Meeting Daventry Northamptonshire


Networking is it worth it? Today I went to my 2nd networking event since setting up Website Chick and I had a great time. At first I was dreading the early start but once I was up and showered and after a huge up of coffee I was ready to meet some new people. The [...]

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Spun Content. I Wouldn’t Touch It With A Barge Pole!


Link Building Yesterday was the first time I had ever heard of “spun content” and was quite fascinated by this new topic. In all the time I have worked in the web industry I had never come across it. I listened with interest to the reasons why this person believed it was a good way [...]

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