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Black Hat vs White Hat SEO

white hat seo

Which hat does your SEO company wear the black hat, grey hat or the WHITE hat? Website Chick favors the white hat! Quality Content – A must! Write for the user not the search engines   Guest Blogging – You write a useful and quality article for another website to gain more readers and a [...]

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An Introduction Into Search Engine Optimization

intro into seo

SEO Explained There are many factors to consider when starting a SEO strategy for a client as no two websites are the same, what may have worked for one site isn’t guaranteed to work for someone else’s, because there are so many variables. Working with a SEO company that is able to look at each [...]

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How To Build Links The Right Way


What Is A Back Link? Backlinks are links which are created by words or images on a website that when clicked takes you to another website. So for example: this is a link, click here, read more, Example,, How To Get Back Links Building backlinks is about building relationships with other bloggers or [...]

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How To Design The Perfect Landing Page


Best Practice Guide Lines There are loads of  tips  here, so be sure to read, bookmark and share this infographic! Infographic By Richard Boss

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