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So Website Chick went live last week on the 24th January and I couldn’t help having a sneaky peak last night to see where it was ranking for my list of key words in my favourite search engine Google. I will be totally honest I didn’t think the rankings would be this good this soon! My keywords were all for local searches; ie “keyword” Daventry.

Before I even started to put the website together I had already decided on what terms I wanted the website to rank for. These were obviously going to be my services and because I wanted to work with local companies I tailored my website around this information. I’m not ready to take on the national boys yet 😉 so here are my findings for my local keyword searches

website audits DaventryPage 1 About 1,050,000 results (0.16 seconds)
blogging advice DaventryPage 1 About 1,390,000 results (0.22 seconds)
social media DaventryPage 1 About 115,000 results (0.14 seconds)
seo services DaventryPage 1 About 186,000 results (0.19 seconds)
narrowboat surveyor DaventryPage 1 About 191,000 results (0.17 seconds)
social media advice DaventryPage 1 About 309,000 results (0.17 seconds)
website maintenance DaventryPage 1 About 34,300 results (0.19 seconds)
seo company DaventryPage 1 About 54,600 results (0.18 seconds)
Yourslice seoPage 1 About 566,000 results (0.21 seconds)
caravan storage DaventryPage 2 About 329,000 results (0.22 seconds)
website advice DaventryPage 3 Page 3 of about 169,000 results (0.15 seconds)
help blogging DaventryPage 3 Page 3 of about 686,000 results (0.14 seconds)

Not bad considering the website has only been live for a week! So how did I do it?

WordPress + Kevin Birch + Website Chick = Success!


I am a huge fan of WordPress and believe that having a WordPress website is one of the fastest ways to get your website developed and ranking.

Here are some WordPress features

  • Ability to build a complete website
  • Secure login
  • Fully content managed
  • Contact form
  • Extra plugins; including spam blocking, SEO tools and banners to name but a few
  • Large choice of designs which you can customise
  • The platform is actually free (but you do need to know what you are doing to set it up)
  • Add all your social media accounts; Twitter, Face book. Google + etc
  • Mobile app
  • Add multi authors to write articles for you
  • Add images to pages, create galleries

Kevin Birch

Without Kevin this project would have not have taken off. My skill set is not in developing and coding, so this is where he played a huge part of making this website a success. I also got secure and reliable hosting from Kevin. Kevin was able to personalise a designs in WordPress to come in line with the design I wanted to achieve.

There was a lot of changes to the design and colours that went on before we achieved the final look. Kevin was also able to add all the tracking codes into the HTML so I am able to anaylise my websites performance. He also installed many useful plugins to make the website easy to use. I believe that any one can set up a WordPress blog, but to do it successfully and in a timely manner requires a certain amount of knowledge and experience and I think this has been proved through the setup of Website Chick.

Website Chick

Well what can I say?! She’s driven, obsessive and gets results.  It was an interesting journey putting the website together and a real test for me. I was the PM and the client, but this really helped me see things from both sides. The pressure to produce a professional looking site with original content was at times stressful. But it has been so worth it. I knew I had to prove through my own website I could manage this service from start to finish and get the ranking results I was after. After all if I couldn’t do it for myself no one was going to employee me!


I am more than aware that rankings change all the time in the search engines.  What they like today is not always what they like tomorrow. So the hard work isn’t over its just begun. To keep my rankings I will need to keep producing good quality content for Google to index and honor me a position on that all exclusive page, Page One.

I intend to increase my choice of key words and spread my wings to cover Northamptonshire as well as Daventry. I’d like to know where your website ranks. As a guide it should always rank for its own name, but does it rank for the services you offer. I suggest you start as I did and concentrate on ranking for local searches. If you are searching for say a hairdresser, you would more than likely add the town you want to visit that hairdresser. This then narrows down the results.

If you live in the UK you hardly want to visit a hairdresser in LA (unless you are Katie Price!) Have a search today in Google to find your business and see if you get the results you want. If you are not where you had hoped and feel you need some help please give me a call. Kevin and I would be more than happy to appraise your currant website and if necessary develop a new website for you.

Ranking Chick

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