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How To Make A Killer Blog Post!


content marketingStep by Step guide to creating a great blog post

If you wanted to make a cake as an example you would follow the recipe, this way you are more than likely to bake and have a yummy edible cake at the end. If you start throwing in ingredients that aren’t required you are going to spoil what could have been a successful bake.

The same goes for a blog posts by follow theses guidelines you will start producing excellent articles which will gain readers, improve business and be shareable.

My favourite part of the guide is the last section plan a editorial calender. When I first started blogging I would sit at my lap top and think right today I’m working for X Client what shall I write. Hmm,  can’t think of anything right now I’ll go and get a coffee and have think about it.

A total waste of time and not an effective way to run my business. By planning at least a few months in advance this will give you the time to research the topics, optimise and buy relevant images and schedule your work.

By planning ahead you will be less stressed and also will be able to schedule posts that are time critical.

How To Write A Killer Blog Post

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