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I Love My Job!


favorite-48 Why I love my job so much

As it’s the first of February the month of love I thought I would do a blog about how much I love my job. The average full time worker works 48 hours a week, so my feeling is if you spend that much time working you should be enjoying it. Going back to the 48 hours a week bit, since I have been self-employed that figure somehow doesn’t ring true.

I have found since I worked for myself it seems to take up every single hour of the day. You are always thinking of new ideas, working out solutions, looking for new opportunities. The list of what you have to juggle is endless. No more 9 -5 for me, but I am not complaining.

I love my job and here’s why.

  • I can pick and choose the people I want to work with
  • I choose what hours I want to work
  • It’s not a chore it’s my vocation
  • I am proud of my work and the results I obtain for my clients
  • Your success is my success
  • It’s rewarding!
  • It has boosted my confidence in a way I never thought possible
  • I’m my own boss (for someone who doesn’t like being told what to do this works very well for me)


I have been in jobs I have truly hated and when I look back on those times I kick myself for allowing the situation to continue for so long. If you are in a job you don’t enjoy you do have choices, speak to your employer and see where improvements could be made and if that fails then look for something better. Be good to yourself don’t spend time doing something you hate! Only you can make your working role better so if you are unhappy do so something about it, you will be amazed at how easy it is once you set the ball rolling.

I am truly very lucky to be working with some wonderful companies, Venetian marina, Whilton marina, Craig Allen and others. I believe you should working with companies that you have a good relationship with. If you are looking for a new supplier for any area within your business make sure you know a bit about that company and how they operate. I can think of nothing worse than having to pay someone I didn’t like or respect.

So come on tell me about your job. Do you love it or hate it?

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