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Making The Time To Blog!


contacts-2-48 When did you last update your blog?

I am as guilty as the next man when it comes to making time to work on my own blog, but we all need to address this problem and make sure we are keeping our websites and blogs up dated regularly. My excuse is I’m so busy working on my clients blogs it leaves very little time to work on my own, but here’s the point I know maintaining your blog will reap you and me the results we are after.

Venetian Marina proves blogging works

Today I was putting together a monthly report for my client Venetian Marina. Last month we concentrated on blogging to raise the rankings for certain keywords and sure enough they went from nowhere to page 1 and 2 for various keywords we are monitoring.

I am 100% sure that it was the blogs alone that made the difference this month as we didn’t make any major changes to the main website or do any out reach. So it goes to show that writing good unique content pays off.

Putting a blog article together.

  • Decide on the keyword you want to improve
  • Decide on 5 articles you can put together based on the keyword
  • Use the keyword in your article title, SEO title, meta description and content
  • Add images to the post and use the keyword in the ALT tag


You can read the blog posts I created on the Venetian Blog.

Do you need help blogging? Give me a call I would love to discuss blogging with you.


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