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contacts-2-48 Networking is it worth it?

Today I went to my 2nd networking event since setting up Website Chick and I had a great time. At first I was dreading the early start but once I was up and showered and after a huge up of coffee I was ready to meet some new people. The location for today’s breakfast was Sky lark farm who did a wonderful job of looking after us all this morning.

The views from the cafe where amazing and the food was wonderful. I didn’t have time to go into the shop today and I will tell you why in a moment. I will be returning though as they offer free wifi in the cafe and I am planning to do half a days work there with a spot of lunch.

Does it work?

Well today I meet some really interesting people from all sorts of businesses in my local area. It was a really nice atmosphere no one was trying to sell their services, but you did have the opportunity to tell the people on your table about your company.

Now I hate public speaking and this actually came as a bit of a shock especially has I had nothing prepared and I was the first one to speak. But I actually think this worked in my favour as I just told them about how and when I set up Website Chick and how it was going and what I did. It went really well I was pleasantly surprised, bring on the next one!

I was so happy that people were showing an interest in Website Chick and what she could do. By the end of the meeting 3 gentlemen were interested in talking to me again about my services, so from this I would say YES it works.

I have listed below some of the companies I talked to today just so you can get a feel of the diverse companies I meet:



So finally the reason I couldn’t go to the farm shop after the event was one of the gentlemen wanted a meeting straight away! I was delighted and followed him back to his office to discuss his plans for the website he currently has. I am hoping that this will turn into a potential client but as the saying goes ” Don’t count your chickens before they hatch!”

Has networking worked for you?


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