question-mark Who Needs Social Media?

Managing your businesses social media presence is in itself a full time job. There are many platforms to choose from including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, to name just a few. Choose a platform that works well for you and your business.


decision-48 Why bother?

Can you afford not too? Most successful businesses have now entered into using one or more of the social media platforms. By using social media you are able to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website and increase sales. When using your social media platforms think about what you are trying to achieve. Keep this in mind and you will be on the right track.

Below I have created a guide to follow if you are starting out or just need fresh ideas to use. Also read my blogs for more useful information.

website-optimization-48  Gain more traffic to your website

Through social media businesses are able to gain the trust of the consumer, many people feel the need to establishing this before they are willing to buy from your website or enrol your business to carry out services for them. By posting and communicating through social media platforms consumers are able to get to know you as a person and at the same time get great customer service. So if you are asked a question reply back as quickly as possible and also keep readers up to date with regular posts.

alarm-clock-48  Keep it updated and fresh

Work out how much time you can devote to this and what content you want to share with your audience. There is no right or wrong here but connecting regularly with your readers will keep them interested. Remember it will take your readers exactly the same amount of time to click the unlike button as it did the like one! Once you have gained your followers you want to keep them.

arrow-17-48  Why should I follow you?

You need to give the reader a good enough reason why they should like your Face book/Twitter page compared to your competitors. There is plenty of competition online and you need to stand out from the crowd, give the reader relevant and useful information. Think about what you can say that will attract the reader to your business.

edit-6-48  Say Thank You

When someone follows you or likes your page remember your manners and welcome them to your page. It doesn’t cost anything to be polite and it instantly lets the reader know you have noticed them.

emoticon-30-48  Be You!

It’s okay to share and re tweet posts, but find your own voice and opinions, being original will help you succeed.

content marketing  Marketing

Remember if you don’t let people know about your page they will never find it, add the url to your business cards, stationary, email address, marketing material, car stickers, adverts and any packaging.

eye-3-48  Check out the competition

Know what your competitors are doing, look at how they are engaging with their readers, do they receive many comments, are they gaining followers. By keeping an eye on what the competition is doing will allow you to keep one step ahead.