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Top Ten Blogging Tips From Website Chick


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Blogging is a web log,which basically means writing an online diary a place to share your opinions and ideas. on a personal level it’s a wonderful way of expressing your  feelings and share your thoughts with any one who cares to read it. For businesses a blog can be a place to share your knowledge on a subject; a place where the reader can gain valuable  information. If you are a content writer or author you can use it to help gain new writing skill sets and spread the word about your talents.

What makes a great blogger?

In my opinion I think a great blogger is someone who catches your eye with a snappy title, then starts to write in a way that is compelling and tells you something interesting. They uses imaginative images that help you understand the article. In other words a wonderful story teller.

So here are Website Chicks top ten tips to follow:

1. Blog every day
2. Make your blog post at least 300 words long
3. Include images in your post
4. Add you blog to your social media pages
5. Ask a question at the end of the blog to start a conversation
6. Make it easy to read, avoid lots of  different fonts and colours, sometimes less is more
7. Link to other relevant information
8.  Make your posts worthy of the readers attention with valuable information
9. Reply to comments
10. Be yourself! develop your own style.

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Happy blogging Website Chick

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