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Top Ten Website Maintenance Tips


analytics-48 Website maintenance tips

Good housekeeping is an absolute must for businesses trading online, we should all do it, but do we? What we need to remember is we are used to seeing our website day in day out, but for our customers new and old they are expecting to find a website that is current and informative. Websites are our shop windows on the internet rather than the high street.

So we need to keep our shop windows dressed in a manner that keeps the customer on the website and also keeps them returning. With this in mind I recommend that you allocate the web maintenance of the website to one person within your company or outsource this to a company like myself. Web maintenance is actually one of my favourite jobs.

So here’s what you should be doing.

1. Keep your site content fresh and there is the recommend amount of text on each page
2. Pretend to be your customer when visiting your website
3. Check internal and external links
4. Check your hosting company’s bandwidth is it coping
5. Upgrade website software with latest versions
6. Load the site on different browsers to see how it displays
7. Check page load time
8. Check out your sites navigation
9. Optimise images
10. Check grammar and spelling

I hope you found found this useful. If you need any help with your own site please give me a call.


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