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Website Chick. Who Is She?


chicken-48 Website Chick AKA Ursula Robinson

I live in Daventry Northamptonshire, I am happily married, no children and love blogging. I dreamt of running my own company for many years and during the month of October 2012 that dream became a reality.

When I first had the idea of running my own business I was really nervous, the prospect of having my own company was quite daunting, but the more I thought about it the less nervous I became and the more I couldn’t wait to get started.

I love lists I have lists for everything; writing, shopping, gym sessions, cleaning, gardening projects and now I needed a new list for getting this venture of the ground. For any one starting up a company you may find my list useful there was more to organise than I reaslised

Website Chick Things to Do

In no particular order….

  • Choose a company name
  • Register the domain name
  • Set Up email account
  • Set up a Face Book page
  • Set up a twitter account
  • Join Google +
  • Start an account with Pinterest
  • Find a web developer
  • Find hosting company
  • Buy images for website
  • Sort out Stationary
  • Business cards
  • Put together working agreements
  • Write a proposal for services I offer
  • Write blogs
  • Write website content
  • Think about corporate ID
  • Join breakfast networking clubs
  • Find an accountant
  • Contact the tax man!
  • Set up new bank account
  • Organise potential client meetings


So with my list created I got started this was the beginning of my new venture. In my next blog I’m going to tell you about how I choose my domain name and useful tips when you want to register a domain.

If you would like to know more about  my company let me know in the comments box.

Happy To Be Here Website Chick


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Website Chick
Website Chick

If you would like to chat about SEO services, website audits, content marketing or blogging please get in touch. Give me a call on 0785 599 7274.When I'm not blogging you can find me ‘hanging around’ social media sites or down the gym.

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