analytics-48  The importance of website maintenance

Website services are need to keep your website up to date and visible in the search engines. Following Google’s Best Practice guidelines and producing valuable and shareable content will ensure you stay ahead of your competitors.

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seo-tag-48  SEO Services

There is so much to SEO it’s hard to know where to start and finish. But simply if you don’t have a good SEO strategy in place then your website isn’t going to get listed, will have no visitors, resulting in either no sales or inquires.

To help you understand what a SEO company can do for you, I have been trying to think of the top 10 areas an SEO company covers for it’s clients. So in more particular order and again this is just a small selection of things that a SEO company will do here is my list;

  1. Work on On-site SEO & off-site SEO to achieve good results
  2. Adapt to algorithm updates which change all the time
  3. Knows how not to get penalized by Google
  4. Will set-up and use Google Webmaster Tools & Google Analytic’s
  5. Claim your authorship of your content by linking to your Google+ account
  6. Target relevant keywords & add keywords in the right places
  7. Manage and source relevant back links
  8. Research your competitors backlink data
  9. Get you listed in industry and local directories (not link farms or spam directories)
  10. Access your page content and remove duplicate content.

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article-marketing-48  Content Writing

It is vital that you keep your website and blog up to date. Use a mixture of content that your readers will find useful. There should be a balance of topics so for example fun articles, industry news, company information, questions & answers, competitions and latest news.

Use stats, chart, graphs, infographics and videos when creating some content, other websites and bloggers are more likely to share and link to these types of content than just text based content.

More content equals more rankings, more visitors and more sales. Search engines reward websites that are filled with lots of good quality content and visitors are more likely to return.

If you are looking to gain a quality back links to your website contact relevant website owners and provide them with content to use on their site.

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