article-marketing-48  Why blog? Why not!

Blogging is fun and it is a great way to engage you with your audience. If you are new to blogging I want to share with you some basic ideas to help get you going.

So what is a blog? That’s easy it’s an online diary, if you love to keep a diary and would like your thoughts to be read and even receive feedback then you are going to love blogging.


So you decided to blog and you choose a domain name, selected a platform, did the creative bit and decided on a design ( I love that bit), and arranged the hosting. Well done you now have a blog.

You now need readers; there is no point in having a blog if it’s only being read by yourself and your family. So now you need to concentrate on getting you some readers.

There are lots of ways to drive traffic to your blog.  Here are some ways your brand new blog can attract loyal readers.

column-view-48  Write 5 pillar articles

A pillar article is a quality post that shares valuable information with your readers. Write articles that are relevant to your business and are informative and are not time dependent. this way they will still be relevant in 12 months’ time. The article should be around 500 words or more and are generally aimed to teach your readers something.

  • A Glossary Post

This post is a good way of explaining definitions of things that are related to your business. This can also be used as a reference piece and you may find other bloggers linking to it and you will be able to link back to it from other posts. Use a small paragraph to explain each term in your own words.

  • How to Guide

Put together a guide that explains something that is of interest in your industry, write it as a story and be sure you understand this topic fully before writing it

  • List Articles

Top ten ideas or Top ten ways to lists are great for grabbing the attention of people with short attention spans or for those who need to gather information quickly. Use bullet points and your own story, these articles are sometimes used by other bloggers to link to, which can drive new traffic back to your blog.

  • Present a Theory or Argument

Write about something that is not is not time-dependent so it stays as a pillar article. Present your own thoughts about a topic that you think your readers will be interested in.

  • Create a PDF for people to download

Creating a top quality e-book for your readers to down load and share is a great way of sharing your information.

speech-bubble-48  Create a conversation

Encourage your readers to leave a comment at the end of your post.  You can do this by ending the post with a question. You can also invite your readers to start a conversation. Remember if someone does leave you a reply make sure you answer them to keep the conversation going.

edit-6-48  Write at least once a day

To keep your readers happy make sure they know when they return to your blog there will be something new and exciting for them to read each time. It’s somewhat disappointing to return to a blog that hasn’t been updated for weeks, readers are unlikely to keep returning if they find the same old content there and nothing new to digest.

comments-48  Comment on other blogs

Find other people who are talking about similar subjects as you, add your comments to their articles; this will enable the blog’s visitors to hear what you have to say and they may want to know more about your thoughts and visit your website and blog. By commenting on other peoples blogs you could potential gain more readers.

link-building-48  Link to other blogs

If you have read something really interesting on another blog then link to this article explaining why you enjoyed it and how it inspired you. Not only will you be supplying your readers with another valuable resource, you’ll grab the attention of another fellow blog owner.

end-48  Summary

Keep your blog up to date, keep it informative, fun and a valuable source for your readers. If you write one pillar article per week, you’ll have a very impressive archive by the end of the year. If you would like to discuss blog writing with me in more detail I am based in Daventry and able to travel or we could discuss this over the phone, but there’s nothing nicer than a face to face meeting with a latte and dish of biscuits!