seo-tag-48  SEO stands for “search engine optimization”

I have been trying to come up with a way of describing why SEO is so important to your online business and this is how I see it. If you have a website you should treat it as you would your offline business, so how you go about running your office, shop or factory day to day should be mirrored when it comes to your site.

You need to put in as much time, effort and passion running your website as you do your bricks and mortar business. This is what your customers expect you to do and this is what the search engines need you to do.

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business-contact-48  Company Name = Domain Name.

You didn’t give your business a weird company name so your domain also should be something that represents your business so basically your company name is the ideal first choice.

So if your business is called ‘The Best Ski Shop’ then your domain name should be ‘’. If you can’t obtain your business name then you need to try and register either a different extension (, .com, .net, etc.) or add another word or a hypo in between the words.

Domains are important as people will use your company name to find you in the search engines. If you have used a domain name that has nothing to do with your business this will make it harder for them to find you and for Google to list your website.

home-5-48  Building = Web Design

Customers expect a certain standard when they visit a business or a shop and if they don’t like what they see they will walk in and straight back out again never to turn. The same thing happens if a visitor lands on your website and doesn’t like it; they just hit the back button!
First impressions last so keeping the visitors attention in those first few seconds is vital. As with your bricks and motor business your website should reflect your company.

You need to regularly maintain and refresh your website just as you would do your property it’s not a one-time job, websites date just as quickly if not more so than a property.

Your website should be

  • Be clean, fresh and uncluttered
  • Use a font style and size that’s easy to read
  • Easy to navigate
  • Use your corporate colours

define-location-48  Location = Rankings

You wouldn’t open your business in a location where no-one could find it, no customers will = failure from the start no matter how good your product or service is. If no one knows about it your business will not survive. The same goes for your online business if you want to be found in the search engines you need to have a good location i.e. good rankings.

If you want a good online location and for lots of customers to find your website, not by just using your company name you are going to need to either work on a SEO strategy or by paying for it through (Pay Per Click).

Through using an SEO company your website will be found in the search engines. Knowing how to get your site found by following Googles best practice guidelines ensures your website is seen alongside your competitors. So imagine the listings on Google as a busy high street full of shops in the same business as you, your website needs to be found alongside your competitors when searchers are looking for your services/products. Without SEO your website will be invisible.

Your website can be found for local searches as well as national searches depending on your requirements.

edit-user-48  Staff = Website Content

Let’s compare your staff to the content on your website. When someone visits your business and speaks to a member of staff that person is representing your company the same goes for your content online. The content is speaking on your behalf.

You wouldn’t employee someone that was rude, unprofessional, didn’t know about your company or wasn’t well presented. This applies to your content, your content is speaking for you, this is how you your readers know that you are an expert in your field or your product is the best they can purchase.

Your content needs to add value to your site. You wouldn’t want your staff waffling on about something unrelated or uninteresting to a customer, the same applies to your content the reader only wants to read about something worthwhile and informative.

If a member of staff was under performing you would set things in place to improve their performance. Take a look at your content and if it isn’t up to scratch then replace or improve it, this is definitely a worthwhile exercise. Good content once in place will soon reap you the rewards.

Reading badly written and boring content is like dealing with a terrible member of staff, it’s not likely to gain business or a sale.

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article-marketing-48  Marketing = Social Media & Back Links

For any business to grow and be successful it has to be marketed. Traditional offline marketing involves the use of newspaper ads, magazine adverts, letters, flyers, leaflets etc. A business that isn’t seen is a busy that will fail.

The same goes for your website it needs to be seen and shared by using social media and acquiring back links this is the online equivalent of traditional offline marketing. Placing your business in front of potential clients in the ‘right places,’ will help with your online presence. Google measures those links and mentions and uses this information to decide how to rank your website.

As with offline marketing placing your name in the right places is key, if you are selling beauty products and place your ad/link in a plumbers magazine/website this isn’t relevant and therefore a waste of time. Also building fake social media or using link building farms is harmful and could destroy any online presence you may already have.

More information can be found here

end-48  Summary

So now I hope that explains why your online presence is just as important as your day to day running of your offline business.
By employing a SEO company and a content writer you will soon see the benefits it has for your online presence.

If you would like to discuss a SEO package that would be right for your website then please do get in touch.

Before starting any SEO packages I like to carry out a website audit of your site this is then used to build and improve your online presence.